Core Transformation Trainings

Get the benefits of Core Transformation through our series of three trainings. Go as far as you’d like. You’ll already experience profound benefits with the first training.

I. The Core Transformation 3-Day Basic Training

The 3-day Core Transformation Training gently and kindly guides you in experiencing the benefits of this profoundly life-changing process. This is the place to begin, whether you want Core Transformation primarily for your own personal use, or for use with clients. You can take this training either “in Person,” or online through video. (See below.)

In Person Training

Experience the benefits of this method “in person” with Tamara Andreas, co-author of the book, Core Transformation, and international Lead CT Trainer. Get results with your life issues using Core Transformation.

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Video Training

Learn with Tamara Andreas, co-author of the book Core Transformation, and international Lead CT Trainer, in your own home.

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II. Advanced Core Transformation (Live-Online)

You can get positive results working with almost any client and issue, once you’ve completed this training. Learn how to have success even with challenging clients and issues, deal effectively with common obstacles, work with multiple parts at once, transform limiting beliefs, health issues, addictions, and more.

III. Core Transformation Coach Certification (Live-Online)

Learn how to best support your clients through the full coach-client relationship from first contact to last session. Our unique Certification Training Design includes three levels of practice, feedback, and support, so you can master the nuances of using Core Transformation as a main modality with clients.

Core Transformation in other languages

You can learn Core Transformation in 18 languages, through translations of Connirae’s and Tamara’s book. Easy links to each publisher’s order page! Check Back Soon for more listings!

Translations of Core Transformation, by Connirae & Tamara Andreas