This is the page for Trainers Endorsed and/or Licensed by Core Transformation Developer, Connirae Andreas.

The trainer guiding you can make a tremendous difference in the depth of experience you will have in your Core Transformation workshop. You can check the two lists below to be sure your trainer is either endorsed or licensed to train Core Transformation.

CTTA Endorsed Trainers*:

Trainers who are members of the CTTA (Core Transformation Trainers Association) are endorsed to teach Core Transformation. By training with someone from the CTTA, you have the assurance that your trainer has a depth and range of skill to assist you in gaining the maximum benefit from Core Transformation. Trainers who are a part of this network have completed extensive training in a range of personal development skills, and have personally worked with the developer of Core Transformation and/or several of the CTTA Mentors.

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Japan Core Transformation Association*

We now have a very active Japan Core Transformation Association. Click here for more information and Trainer List.

International List of Licensed Trainers*

Below is a complete international list of Trainers who are Licensed to use the Core Transformation Trainer Materials Packet (English Version). All have access to these detailed and extensive Trainer Materials. These materials are an essential background to offering you a high-quality training. These trainers have not gone through a specific mentorship and review process with us in order to join the CTTA, as have those on the Endorsed Trainer List at the top of this page. (Some live on other continents, making this impractical). However, many (if not most) are highly experienced and effective Trainers, having developed their Trainer skills through other routes. We encourage you to read their bios for more information, and when possible to sample their training to get your own experience of each trainer.


North America

South America


Australia & New Zealand

Asia (including India Sub-Continent)

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You will learn about our Trainer Materials Packet (available through license agreement) and also about the Pathway to become Endorsed as a member of the CTTA.

*Please note that we offer this information as a public service. All of the above Core Transformation Trainers are independent agents, and are not employees of Connirae Andreas or Tamara Andreas.