How do I get started?

You can choose the way to begin experiencing the benefits of CoreTransformation, that fits best with your personal style, your financial resources, etc. Here’s a complete overview of options you can choose from, with links to more detailed information about each.

You can begin by reading a book, listening to a CD, attending a live workshop, or attending a training on DVD.  Some people prefer an individual session. You’ll know which format you’re most comfortable with.


Our books, audio downloads, and video actually guide you through the experience of Core Transformation so that you can begin to experience the benefits.  Click here for the book/audio/video list.


In a seminar you have the warm guidance of the trainer and staff, plus the support of your participant group.  Many people find this a particularly powerful way to experience Core Transformation.  The experience of our inner core tends to become stronger in a group environment.  You will have the opportunity to work with your key life issues in an atmosphere of gentle kindness and support.

In most of our trainings you will experience both Core Transformation and Relationship Alignment. Relationship Alignment is another simple yet profound process that brings about a 3-fold improvement in our relationships:  We discover greater inner clarity, with more awareness of who we are and what we want; increased heartfulness and compassion toward others; and greater wisdom.

Click here for our Training Schedule.  All of the trainings listed here are taught by Trainers in the CT Trainers Association (These trainers have worked with the Core Transformation developer, and are personally endorsed), or by Trainers who are licensed to use the Core Transformation Trainer Materials Packet.


Most trainers are available for individual sessions in Core Transformation.  Check the Trainer list for the trainer near you. (Contact the individual trainer to learn their fees and to ask any other questions you may have.)

If there is no one in your area, you may want to arrange a phone session. Contact Tamara Andreas (Core Transformation co-author & CT Trainer Mentor) or Marilyn Sargent (CT Trainer Mentor).

Core Transformation in other languages

You can learn Core Transformation in 18 languages, through translations of Connirae’s and Tamara’s book. Easy links to each publisher’s order page! Check Back Soon for more listings!

Translations of Core Transformation, by Connirae & Tamara Andreas