Certified Coaches

Meet Core Transformation® Certified Coaches

Do you want Core Transformation sessions with a skilled and capable guide? Here’s the list of Certified Core Transformation Coaches. Each has completed an intensive training program in Core Transformation with Andreas NLP. Our Coach Certification process includes a rigorous in-depth training sequence, including instruction in advanced formats, personal practice, skills development, and three levels of review.

You can find a coach from around the globe. Most work internationally through online sessions, yet if you find someone in a similar time zone, you may find it easier to schedule a session.
Feel free to book a session with more than one of our coaches, to explore a good fit for your own journey of transformation.

Dinesh Braganza PhD


Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“Hi, I’m Dinesh Braganza. I first learned Core Transformation during an advanced NLP training many years ago. CT came as the answer to a long quest to integrate my own psychological and spiritual journey.

At a personal level I have experienced the power of CT to rapidly transform issues, gently and completely. I also regularly experience the power of CT to transform issues that clients bring.

My personal experience of CT led me to undertake CT research, including the first randomized clinical trial of CT published in a peer -reviewed journal. I have been fortunate to assist Tamara and Mark Andreas at the advanced and coaches’ level CT trainings, and I would be happy to make this journey of CT with you.”

Jeb Michael Arcement

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“Hi, I’m Jeb Arcement. I am excited to be able to offer you Core Transformation Coaching sessions as a certified coach. I was fortunate to learn Core Transformation at a training with Connirae Andreas in 1996. Recognizing the power of this method, I have been using it with clients and myself ever since.

I have also started using CT with the Enneagram. It has been amazing to witness the life enriching transformations my clients have experienced over the years. This was part of my motivation to receive the advanced training and certification.

I love working with people who are experiencing some limitation and are open to resolving it and becoming the person they were meant to be. It is gratifying beyond words to participate in the transformation of a person, at a much deeper level of being than most other methods. For me it has a sacred quality and being part of this whole thing is sacred.

I have been blissfully married to the love of my life for 32 years and have one dear precious daughter.”

Philip End

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“Hi, I’m Phil End. In my teens I experienced a ‘long dark night of the soul’, which led to a profound experience of blissful ‘Awakening’. I went from wondering, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ to realising Existence itself is a wonderful gift to be enjoyed. This was my first experience of pure ‘Compassion’, ‘Peace’ and ‘Oneness’.

I learned my life purpose was to search for ways to re-access this awareness and show others how to do the same. I still had my ‘issues’ so I explored many esoteric paths and psychologies and found ‘Core Transformation’ in 1994. It proved a perfect process for moving myself and others from unfulfilling states and negative thinking patterns into the liberating experience of the Core Self. What is more, it permanently cleared those dark states one by one. Today, I feel very blessed to be able to share this transformative process with you.”

Dan Kaufmann

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“My name is Dan Kaufmann and I am a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Neurology, University of Utah. I research the mechanism underlying migraines and chronic pain. My interest in both the physical and affective components of migraine pain has led me to pursue tools that can effectively alleviate people’s suffering.

I have been using the Core Transformation (CT) process with people diagnosed with migraines and tension-type headaches and was pleasantly surprised with its effectiveness. I wanted to further deepen my skill set and therefore I completed the CT coach certification, where I experienced tremendous personal changes. I am currently helping people diagnosed with migraines using a variety of skills, and CT is one of my primary tools.

If you would like to better manage your migraines and their associated conditions, please contact me.”

Catherine Pharo

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“I’m Catherine Pharo and I’m a retired Parish Priest. Before I was ordained in the Anglican Church I worked in the community as a Mental Health Nurse with individuals dealing with mood changes, conflict, grief and other things that interfered with daily life.

I was astounded by the way Core Transformation shifted the way I relate to myself, others and situations in life. I’m more mindful and better able to access the deep joy within. It lines up beautifully with my faith tradition. Now that I’ve devoted myself to the intensive study and hours of practice I’m certified as a coach. I’m ready to work with those who find conflict, worry, sadness, or self doubt stands in the way of a richer, fuller life. My personal qualities of curiosity, patience and creativity along with a growing proficiency in Core Transformation provide the solid foundation needed for you to move toward deep and lasting change.”

Denise Budden-Potts

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“Hi I’m Denise from San Diego, California inviting you to experience what this powerful method called Core Transformation (CT) can do to transform unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviors. What makes me a competent guide of this gentle, proven CT process are three things.

I believe in the effectiveness of the CT process, use it daily with myself and have applied it with clients for a host of issues: trauma, inner conflict, procrastination, guilt, shame, worry, anger, cravings, difficult people situations.

I bring heart, a nonjudgmental mindset, years of experience and flexibility to every session. I know with certainty that every person can change and transform when they are offered direction and a breakthrough process like CT.

Life has its choice points. Why stay stuck or continue feeling out of control when a Zoom session or in-office visit using CT can lead to gaining what you really want!”

Tara Kanerva

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“I am a busy coach working out of Guelph, Ontario Canada – though I have clients around the world. I am so pleased to be certified in Core Transformation!

After many years of using Core Transformation on myself and with my coaching clients, I have had the opportunity to take it a whole new level with this most recent certification training! I work with clients day and day out who face some of life’s most common challenges: stuck in a career, living with regret, unsure how to move forward or just feeling a lack of control.

Core Transformation gives me not just an effective tool to help people overcome their issues, but one that is so respectful of the individual and meets them wherever they are. I find that Core Transformation gives me the opportunity to get to the very heart of the matter in a purely positive, often profoundly powerful way.”

Melody Cheal MSc

Applied Positive Psychology

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“My interest in personal development and transformation began over 30 years ago. I was depressed, unhappy, in an abusive marriage and a dead-end job. My personal journey was challenging and I wish I had known about Core Transformation back then. I now use Core Transformation as my approach of choice with my clients. I often work with survivors of childhood abuse and have witnessed wonderful changes in a fairly short time span. My clients present with a variety of challenges including imposter syndrome, low self-esteem, anxiety and lack of confidence. I work in person and via Zoom. I also offer entry level Core Transformation Training.

I live on the edge of Ashdown Forest (the original home of Winnie the Pooh) with my husband and Shelties. I met my husband Joe at the beginning of my personal development journey and have been married for 27 years, living, loving and learning together”

Nell Puetter

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“Hi, I am Nell Puetter. I am fortunate to have learned directly from Tamara and Mark the power of Core Transformation and today I am thrilled to offer CT coaching sessions in English, German, and Russian languages.

My personal deep transformational experience of CT led me to specialize in working with people seeking a way out of unresolved inner conflicts, dilemmas, confusion, self-sabotage, internal pressure and stress, procrastination, indecision, distraction, severe self-criticism, self-doubts, low self-esteem, etc. It is incredibly fulfilling to witness my clients getting transformative results that are even beyond what they originally wanted. I look forward to getting to know you and exploring how to help you propel forward, filled with inner power and calmness. I’m ready to support you in shifting from inner conflict to absolute clarity within.”

Rory Oleson

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“Hi, I’m Rory. I was introduced to Core Transformation in 2017 and my own powerful experiences with CT over the last few years is what led me to become a CT coach.

I experienced a profound shift in my emotions, particularly how I respond to anger. I now have more of an overall sense of well-being and ease. I wanted to be able to offer this to others as well. I’ve been fortunate to assist with Tamara and Mark in 6 CT trainings, and this has added to my own depth of skill.

In addition to my coaching practice, I work for Andreas NLP doing outreach and customer support. I’ve also been composing music for over 20 years.

I look forward to working with you towards your own personal transformations!”

Jeff Hicks

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“Feeling beings finding peace.

When asked “Jeff, why are you investing so much time, energy and resources in Core Transformation?”

“Feeling beings finding peace.” My answer is simple.

With Core Transformation there are no excuses, no compromises. Feeling beings finding peace.

I have shared a lot of modalities over the years and Core Transformation is the first one to allow me to collaborate on the deepest levels – with you.

Isn’t it coaching? Coaches stand on the sidelines and yell. I don’t do that. We collaborate – finding peace.

And this isn’t about me.

It is about the Core Transformation process and you finding peace.”

Stephanie Davis

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“What if you could live your life unleashed and unburdened? I’m a successful businesswoman, and married mother of 6, that has overcome a lot of life and business challenges. As an executive and personal coach, I’ve dedicated over 30 years to helping people creatively engage from their highest levels of being and live with an overarching sense of fundamental well-being- no matter what is happening.

If you’re successful but desiring more peace and joy, or you’re struggling in life, relationships, or business, or you’re plagued with unwanted thoughts or behaviors such as worry, doubt, anger, guilt, shame, procrastination, imposter syndrome, etc., I can help you with Core Transformation.

My coaching is a safe space where miracles can happen. I’ll get you out of the weeds and into a world of expansive possibility where you’ll learn to trust and operate from your truest desires and deepest wisdom. You can do this!”

Susan Seifert

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“Hi, I’m Susan Seifert. I have taught meditation and coached thousands of people over the past 50 years. I have also enjoyed a career as a writer, won a New Yorker Magazine humor contest, and had my own successful telecommunications business with over $4 million in annual sales.

I learned Core Transformation in a live training with Tamara Andreas in Boulder in 2014 and found it to be one of the most effective yet gentle ways to change behavior, feeling and thinking. It takes your deepest challenges and through them brings you to a rich inner world of profound peace, joy and well-being. So many of my clients tell me ‘This is what I have been looking for’.

My style is gentle, present, full of humor and without a trace of judgement. I know that within each of us is an ocean of peace and happiness, and once this ocean is accessible change is easy, complete and filled with joy. I will be my pleasure and honor to be part of your Core Transformation journey.”

Michael DeMolina PhD

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“Hi! I’m Dr. Michael DeMolina. Through my journey as a licensed therapist and trainer, I’ve seen many self-development tools. Core Transformation (CT) is the most elegant, delightful and most generative I have ever experienced. I was so moved in my first workshop I immediately wanted to teach this amazing process, becoming a Licensed CT Trainer in 2010. I’m blessed to “walk the path” with clients desiring change in career, mending relationships, to eliminating stress, emotional eating, anxiety and even healing trauma. Integrating CT has resulted in these clients experiencing core states of Oneness, Love and Wholeness. In 2020, I was quite honored to assist Mark and Tamara in the Foundations and Advanced courses and Mentor in the first-ever Coach Certification course.

I experienced a PROFOUND sense of Inner Peace, which I know will last a lifetime. Looking forward to assisting you reaching your goals and living the life you love!”

Hannah Terry

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“Hi, my name is Hannah and I live on a farm near Canterbury, Kent in the UK. My husband is the farmer and I run a successful glamping and alternative therapies business. As well as a Core Transformation Coach I am also a Bi Aura Practitioner and Chakradance Facilitator. We have 2 beautiful children and a variety of animals.

I initially trained as a criminal lawyer but when I found that environmental factors were having an effect on my health, I began to seek healing for my body but also mind and spirit. I firstly, attended a brain training program in Switzerland. This program assists people with environmental illnesses by using techniques to rewire the brain.

After having improvements with my light and screen sensitivities I wanted to learn more. I found myself drawn to healing and transformation modalities.”

Åsa Firth

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2020

“I’m Åsa Firth from Sweden. What I love about Core Transformation (CT) is that it supports you in exploring unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviours in a compassionate way. Instead of trying to figure things out, CT guides you towards experiencing what you want on a deep level. This is where transformation happens and healing can begin.

I’ve assisted Mark and Tamara in Foundation and Advanced levels of the CT trainings and in 2021 I was one of the mentors for the Coaching Certification program. In 2021-22 I designed and carried out a two-part study looking at the effects of CT on stress, well-being and flourishing. With the support of the Andreas’, I have translated the CT script to Swedish.

Core Transformation has brought much richness to my life, both personally and professionally, and I use it almost exclusively in my client work. I welcome you to contact me, or one of my colleagues on this page, to experience CT for yourself.”

Koos Wolcken

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2021

“Hi, I am an experienced trainer and coach. I have worked in education (University), as a consultant in business and coach/trainer in professional training and personal growth. Core Transformation was and is for me and my clients a way to gain deeper and more lasting change.

I’m a strong believer of ‘practise what you preach’, so diving deep into Core Transformation and start deep learning again gave me great joy. And through all the self practise in the Advanced training and the Coach Certification came the opportunity to do some deep change work on hidden personal issues and discoveries!

I work with people from all walks of life, in the Netherlands and international too (e.g. via Zoom). The one thing in common is that they want to create some lasting changes in their daily (working) live. And I love to support them with the gentle, powerful method of Core Transformation.”

Lynn Larson

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2021

“Hi! I’m Lynn Larson. These last few years I’ve been doing a deep dive with Core Transformation (CT) and loving the outcomes!

I believe in transformation that’s easy, efficient, and effective. I first discovered and explored the mind-body connection when I entered my professional equestrian career. Since then, I’ve incorporated many approaches and CT is by far the sweetest and most experiential. It’s a powerful modality for change, providing an excellent way for you to access your own awareness. The more you do it, the more you become at home in yourself and the richer life becomes.

With CT, I can guide you toward better relationships, successful business outcomes, improved athletic endeavors, and empowered self-development. I’m ready to support you in getting the changes you want in your life, whether this happens quickly or unfolds in a process over time.

Click the email link below to set up your remote or in-person session.”

Trina Brunk

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2021

“I grew up in a musical family, and singing together was a joyful part of life. As an adult, I went through a period where I felt as though I was losing everything that mattered to me, and at one point things got very bleak. I felt as though I lost my joy of living, and along with it my joy of singing.

During this time I discovered Core Transformation. It helped me let go of what I couldn’t control, put my attention where it could do the most good, and helped me reconnect with a deep sense of wellbeing. Core Transformation helped me come through that difficult time stronger, more resilient and more in love with my life than ever before.

Now as a life coach and singer/songwriter, I love using Core Transformation to help other musicians and creatives re-ignite their passion and reconnect with their creative source within. As a result they find they can more readily create the rich, meaningful and joyful lives they desire.”

Nathalie Vitorino Da Silva

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2021

“I’ve been working as a professional Life Coach and Trainer since 1992 (Licensed Trainer for Preventative Medicine).

My entire life I’ve dedicated to holistic health & healing practices for inner well-being and ultimately solved pain or communication issues. I utilise trauma solution methods, yoga, NVC and meditation, benefitting groups and individuals.

Following Steve Andreas since 2000 I came to Core Transformation in 2012 when Steve suggested that I schedule a session with Connirae. Since then I have studied their books, participated in several courses and some Wholeness Work.

CT is powerful and supports you deeply while not necessarily needing to talk about painful past experiences. This method often solves any problem profoundly and very fast. My gentle voice relaxes deeply and makes you feel safe. With a comprehensive mental and physical approach, I am passionate to achieve excellent results in the unique challenges you face.”

Diana Brown

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2021

“Hi, I’m Diana Brown. I’m thrilled to be able to offer you Core Transformation Coaching sessions as a certified coach.

While my coaching is informed by 26 years as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Nevada, USA; I have found CT to be one of the most gentle and effective ways to change unwanted patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

I experienced a profound shift in my own CT work with unconscious patterns associated with my Enneagram personality. This has enriched my life by giving me the freedom to be both more loving and accepting of love.

I have a special empathy for people who experience prolonged or complicated grief and find themselves stuck in the pain, unable to move forward in life with peace, joy and an ongoing sense of well-being.

My coaching is a safe space filled with warmth, presence and nonjudgment. I will be honored to guide you on your personal transformation journey.”

Cath Wyber

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2021

“Hi, I am Cathy from Australia.

Since 1977 I have worked as a licensed Registered Nurse and later as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

In this profession, it is necessary to be empathetic, to be able to deal with the emotions of others, and to remain calm in emergency situations. It’s my calling to offer support and relief from physical and emotional pain.

Being so amazed at the impact Core Transformation had on my own challenges in just one session, I started to successfully help others, especially in the area of bullying.

Clients contact me because of my positive optimistic way of being.

I have always loved being a brave adventurer with extreme joyful hobbies, always excited to explore and that’s why I’m happy to explore your own life adventures or challenges with you as A Certified CT Coach.”

Jason Fletcher

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2021

“Having worked in the field of personal development for the last 20 years, I was pleased to discover Core Transformation, in 2014, as a completely different approach to gently transform challenges and limitations. I am delighted to have deepened my skills further after undertaking the CT Coach Certification training.

It still amazes me how CT not only transforms challenging feelings, behaviours and thoughts, it also offers lasting change at the deepest level.

In my practice, I work with a variety of issues, and have specialised in working with people who have experienced challenges/problems left over from difficult upbringings (i.e. from poor-parenting / traumatic childhood experiences).

Whether via Zoom or in-person in the Midlands (UK), I welcome the opportunity to support anyone who is wishing to transform their life.”

Camilla Lloyd Moore

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2021

“Hi, my name is Camilla and my journey to becoming a Core Transformation Coach has been profound. Through the process, I have accessed new levels of inner peace, creativity and connection in many areas of my life.

One of the joys of coaching my clients is supporting them to confidently prioritize whatever brings happiness and meaning to their life. By transforming physical and emotional limitations, such as inner conflicts, self-doubt, mind-body stress, and fear, they begin to access good feelings, more energy, greater self-acceptance and guilt-free wellbeing.

If you want to feel better and to overcome whatever circumstances may have challenged your ability to fully thrive and feel good in the past – maybe stressful life situations, health challenges, or difficult relationships – I can help you towards living more happily, with greater balance, calm confidence, and wholeness in body, mind, and soul.”

Frances Gumienny LPC

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2021

“Hi, I’m Frances Gumienny. Over the years, I’ve explored many modalities to help clients in my nursing and counseling practices and for my personal growth. My own experience of being guided and regular practice of Core Transformation has been profound. It helped me shift that critical and judgmental inner voice to one with greater compassion, thus allowing me to move forward in life with clarity and purpose.

I believe the experience of a peaceful, loving, inner state that Core Transformation facilitates is the answer to what many long for. I am excited to offer this powerful tool in my coaching and counseling practice. While my focus is helping people deal with anxiety and stress in their life and profession, I have also effectively used this with grief and food cravings.

I would be honored to help you transform those learned patterns of behavior that no longer serve so that you are better able to experience your authentic self.”

Marina Gorobevskaya

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2021

“Hi, I’m Marina – Core Transformation coach, deep nature connection mentor, and community builder. I was born in the Soviet Union and grew up during a time of great change. I have lived in China, the USA and now in the Netherlands. That experience helps me hear and understand people from different backgrounds as I help them connect to themselves, nature, and each other.

Sometimes a situation can seem so complicated that you don’t see the way forward. As your Core Transformation coach, I can help you drop into yourself and step into peace and joy, release underlying tensions, find clarity and let new choices effortlessly come to the surface. With this method of gentle inquiry unpleasant feelings or behaviors that you want to change become doorways to profound inner resources. This is why I love Core Transformation and I’ll be happy to guide you in English or Russian.”

Royston Rodrigues

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2021

“Hi, I’m Royston Rodrigues, based in Sydney, Australia. I started practicing Core Transformation, and I was amazed at how it helped me reach a deep level of peace and resourcefulness. Core Transformation Coaching quickly allows people to find profound insights and resolutions not easily accessible otherwise.

My passion is assisting people in bringing their creative expression to their work and personal life. It gives me the joy to coach people to overcome the challenges that come in the way of their dreams and goals. I often observe that through CT coaching, people find peace, unity, and resourcefulness during a coaching session.

The best part is that Core Transformation makes the whole process very gentle yet powerful in accessing the challenging issue, finding a resolution, and achieving a positive outcome. Do contact me if you wish to have Core Transformation coaching sessions with me.”

Marija Hell-Sipowicz

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2022

“Hi, my name is Marija, and I invite you to connect to yourself, your inner wisdom and well-being.

My own life-changing experience with CT, and the wish to bring to the world what I truly believe in, led me to become a CT coach. I have experienced profound shifts in my life in the areas related to stress at work, frustration in the relationship, unhealthy eating habits, distress from cold – to just mention a few. I have guided others with the topics related to procrastination, food-binging, negative self-image, taking important life decisions, overcoming different fears.

Working part-time in finance, I can personally relate to the stress often encountered in our professional lives. Having lived in multi-cultural environments through my life taught me openness for easy relation with people from different cultural backgrounds. I will be happy to guide you in English, Polish or French.”

Erica Newman

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2022

“My journey in the intuitive healing arts began over 25 years ago, but it was only in early 2021 that I discovered Core Transformation. It took five seconds to know that this was the missing piece I had been longing for. I am such a big fan of this profoundly empowering and sweepingly effective method of healing.

My level of compassion as a coach has been influenced by my own healing journey through painful and confusing life experiences, great losses, and health scares. We all go through dark or frustrating places on our path. It’s with so much gratitude and encouragement that I share the CT journey with my clients. The discovery of how potent inner resources can transform the experience of our lives is so often beyond words.

In session we’re going to take a journey together, guided through the transformational experience that you’re ready to have. I am delighted to walk with you and invite your inner wisdom to lead the way.”

Petrolene le Roux

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2022

“Hi, I am Petrolene le Roux, an experienced CrossFit Trainer, and Mental Sports Coach. I have found Core Transformation as one of the most underrated ways to transform feelings and thoughts within professional athletes and sports. I have seen a significant change in my own sports performance since applying Core Transformation on myself. From my experience, it is one of the best ways to achieve deeper and longer-lasting change.

My own experience with Core Transformation has led to a profound change in my mental game. In the same way that strengthening and stretching benefit the body, Core Transformation benefits the mind.

My involvement in sports allows me to experience Core Transformation on a daily basis and understand the needs athletes have regarding personal development and competition performance.

As a athlete myself and mental coach, I work with individual athletes and sports teams nationally and internationally (via Zoom).”

John Prada

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2022

“My interest in spiritual transformation began when I was a teenager, newly sober, searching for solutions to anxiety and depression. Through 12-step recovery, therapy, meditation, and health science I experienced significant personal change, but I was still struggling.

When I discovered Core Transformation, it was like being catapulted into a new plane of consciousness. Where I used to have fear, I now had hope and humor and an overall sense of inner peace, and joy.

It is my honor to guide and witness my clients’ gentle shift to greater equilibrium and fulfillment in their lives. Because of my own experience, I find it deeply gratifying to help clients in recovery, the performing arts and fitness.”

Basia Murphy

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2022

“My name is Basia Murphy and I live in England.

I had no plans to become a Core Transformation coach and yet, once I was guided and experienced the beauty and wisdom of the process, I knew I wanted to share this gift with others. Now, I’m grateful for the privilege of guiding my clients on their own journeys to peace.

Core Transformation allowed me to release limiting thoughts, and heal many feelings that were stuck. It introduced a quality of wholeness into my life that I sensed was always within me and yet prior to Core Transformation, I was not able to experience it fully.

The gentle Core Transformation process invites relaxation that creates space for exploration, leading to discovery, healing, and transformation.
I very much hope you decide to experience it for yourself by contacting one of us.”

Beverly S. Brown LMHC, LPC

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2022

“Hi, I’m Beverly Brown. I am a Licenced Mental Health Counselor. As a newly Certified Core Transformation Coach, I’m excited to be able to guide others into learning how they can experience profound and lasting change using Core Transformation.

I learned about Core Transformation while looking for a tool or process to aid me in guiding my clients to deeper levels of change. I started the Core Transformation Foundation class and was amazed by what I was learning.

My mother became ill during the Core Transformation Foundations class and eventually died. Core Transformation became a cornerstone in dealing with the emotional storm surrounding the illness and death of a loved one.

The process guided me to be more connected to my true self. I found an ongoing sense of safety, comfort, and peace during this challenging time. As a result, my experience of my mother’s death was less painful and more connected to her essence and our love.”

Victor Palm

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2022

“Hello, my name is Victor Palm. When I came across Core Transformation I was moved by the structural accuracy and elegant simplicity of the method. I’ve experienced using several self development techniques before, but they often seemed vague and entangled in confusing terminology.

With Core Transformation, I knew that I had found what I was looking for, and urged to dive deeper. It has helped me transforming an everyday experience of deep stress, insufficiency and failure, into feeling that I fundamentally have the right to exist, in a way that also seem to bring value to others.

I’m excited to coach, whether the topic is big or small, wanting to co-discover the beauty of authentic being.”

Jude Hogarth

Core Transformation®

Certificate of Excellence, 2022

“Hi. I’m Jude, living in England, working online and face-face as a resilience coach. My typical clients are stuck in a career rut, overwhelmed and suffering the long-term impacts of stress.

I was inspired to train as a Certified CT Coach after a surprising thing happened. I initially joined the Foundation CT course ‘just’ to add to my skills for client work – and found myself making deep transformational changes in my own life as well! We are always a work in progress but this was change at another level.

For years, I struggled with PTSD, anxiety and depression and was skilled at hiding it at work (25 years as a lawyer). During my journey to reclaim my life and health, I became a coach to share what I had learned for myself. CT training has profoundly deepened that journey for me, both personally and professionally. I am excited to be able, as a CT Coach, to guide others in making lasting change and letting joy back in.”

Information provided on this website isn’t intended to diagnose or treat any disease. Anyone dealing with a physical condition or mental illness is advised to consult with a qualified professional.
Being listed on this page does not imply these coaches are franchisees, employees, subcontractors, representatives, affiliates or agents of Andreas NLP. Their coaching practices are independent of Andreas NLP, and Andreas NLP does not oversee, engage, or direct their coaching and business activities. Each certified coach has full responsibility for their own coaching work.
We offer this list of Certified Core Transformation Coaches as a courtesy, to help you find a capable coach who is a good fit for you. All the Certified Core Transformation Coaches have in depth training and skills development with Core Transformation.

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