We continue to hear great feedback about the Core Transformation training and the benefits it provides. Here are just a few examples of what participants have experienced, in their own words:

“My issue had to do with feeling unworthy. And I expected at the end to feel worthy… but instead, when I got to my core state, I didn’t feel worthy, neither did I feel unworthy. It was like the whole concept of being/feeling (un)worthy did not exist to me anymore. I was just being…that felt sooo good.”

— Fatih K., Belgium

“Since I did [Core Transformation] I am not the same person. I look at the world around me in a different way, having a Core state as a basis of my perception of everything around. There is no more fear, just appreciation for all the wonders of life.”

— Training Participant

“What a treat! I will use this for the rest of my life and career as a Polarity Practitioner. (It) is so valid and powerful.”

—Ellie Simmons, RPP, RPE, Colorado, USA

“The seminar was incredible for me in that [when I went back home dealing my mother] I felt a deep calmness and ability to let things go, where I would have made an issue with it before. My mother is very controlling and is constantly giving orders. I came through that experience with a perspective that allowed her to be ‘herself’ and me to do what I needed to do for me.”

— Training Participant

“My ‘stuck’ career is now moving forward in a positive direction, and I attribute this directly to Core Transformation. It moved something out of my way that I hadn’t realized was there.”

— J., Denver, CO

“Recognizing and deepening core states that are aspects of my true nature…and everyone’s…was invaluable.”?— Surja Jessup, MS, CHT,

Holistic Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist

“Most useful was the ability to actually resolve an issue. As I told Tamara at the training, she is what I’ve been looking for for many, many years: [a] really good instructor that is clearly living what she teaches.”

— Anonymous Participant

“[The Training] gave me some new tools to help myself and others quickly become clearer, cleared and focused on the present possibilities for inner connection and peace. Many thanks to Tamara for her excellent ability to listen, observe, understand and provide honest, helpful feedback.…the program was beautifully taught and …the exercises really anchored the concepts on a practical level. The biggest shift I had was the experience of letting go of what initially seemed like limitations anchored within me since childhood. The CT process made it amazingly quick and easy to…see walls dissolve and to be freed, to live fully in the present, to “time travel” to my present self!”

— Chris Darby, Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist, Aloha Wellness Int’l, LLC

“I continue to be stunned at the power and effectiveness of the training. I’ve been searching for decades for tools that could help me understand and CHANGE issues that had been holding me hostage for a lifetime. Core Transformation is more powerful, easy, useful and effective than anything else I’ve seen and I continue to use it often.”

— Anonymous Participant

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