Sample Case Study

By Connirae Andreas
Lynn had struggled with her weight for as long as she could remember. It had been a source of embarrassment for her as a teen-ager, and as an adult she found herself ashamed of the way she looked, and too self-conscious to go out with friends or to spend any time in public where she was certain people would stare at the body she felt was betraying her. She felt depressed and hopeless about the years of effort (and money) she had put into numerous diets and exercise programs, only to find that very few had any effect, and any positive results she did experience lasted for only a short time, with the weight she had let go of quickly coming back with a vengeance.
With the assistance of a Core Transformation-trained counselor, Lynn found, to her surprise, that there was a positive intention behind the weight, an intention that the aspect of her that was “in charge” of hanging on to the weight was committed to.
“What do you want?” she quietly asked the part of her that generated the weight challenge, and then waited for a response from within. “The word that keeps coming to mind is ‘protection’,” she spoke up a moment later, as the counselor slowly nodded her head. “Now,” her Core Transformation guide suggested, “invite that part of you to step into what it’s like to already have protection. . . . and when it’s there, ask this part of you ‘when you already have protection, what is it you want through having protection that’s even more important, even deeper’”. As Lynn followed the suggestions, her posture began to shift as a new level of relaxation moved through her. “I hear the word ‘safety’,” she responded. “Oh, my god, is it possible that this part of me is trying to help me feel safe?”
As the process continued, Lynn discovered that the part of her was seeking relaxation through the safety, and through relaxation, it wanted to be able to reach out to others; by reaching out to others, this part wanted to feel accepted, and through feeling accepted, it was looking for love. From love, this important part of her wanted to find peace, and through peace, wholeness.
Lynn continued the Core Transformation process, allowing the part of her to experience wholeness and to allow the wholeness to spread fully throughout her body.
She found, as a result, that her perspective shifted. By moving into the Core State (wholeness) she had been seeking all along, everything else began to change. Finally, she was able to bring the wholeness she had not thought possible into her whole life, filling the past, present, and even the future with this remarkable internal state that changed everything.
The part of Lynn that had been so committed to finding wholeness through protection, safety, relaxation, connection with others, acceptance, love, and peace had learned to simply step into that wholeness without all the interim steps it had struggled with for so long. A happy result (one of several for Lynn) was that weight began to come off with almost no effort. With no more need to hang on to it for protection and safety, her body was free to let go of what no longer belonged.